The how we are taught and how we learn is the motivator of the research that is behind the founding of ELa. The notion of experience as research is the central tenet of ELa in terms of introducing and forming the what of knowledge. It is thus that we see all participants as researchers.

FSA leads to ELa

Owing a debt to the experiences of FSA in 2017 the emphasis is that ELa is a speculative experiment and can never be understood as a hermetic programme of education. There is no predicted and desired outcome, the “journey”, the process is the focus. Success or failure do not figure, either way they will lead to other researches.


ELa is set up horizontally to take down the traditional structures of architectural education. Replacing the hierarchical pedagogical apparatus with free & open conversation and debate leading to the reconsideration of the very reasoning behind education systems. 


ELa should not be seen as the binary of a confrontation with traditional programmes, nor so naïve to believe a three week eclectic programme is an alternative. Moreover ELa is an essential tangential contribution to lead beyond the academy.

Take away

Through experience of ELa that it is hoped that the researchers will take away a broader vision via a reconsideration of the world, of the way we learn, of architecture and of individual and collective practice.