ELa announces as of 14th of March 2018 the following people or organisations have been accepted into the first iteration of ELa in Paris and Venice, applications close 29th March

Olivia Anani

Etienne d’Anglejan

Hakim Benchekroun

Meriem Chebani

Audrey Dandenault

Mark-Henry Decrausaz

Javier Fresneda

Sean Godsell

Christophe Guillouet

Robert Grace

Linus Gruszewski

John Bingham Hall

Lindsey Hansen

Florence Lambert

Theatrum Mundi

Heidi Brooke Nielsen

Kevin O'Brien

Tarik Oualalou

Oualalou & Choi

Oliver Arbes Du Puy

Nick Quinn

Marco Saraceno

Peter Zellner





The first round of applications now closed, we made some more places available for a second round of applications which is now open. They close on March 29th.

The First round of Applications to ELa (Ecole Libre d'Architecture) is now complete.

Congratulations to the researchers and facilitators who have been accepted.

They hail from : Canada, USA, Spain, Morocco, Australia, Denmark, Italy, UK and France.

Can't wait for it all to start; exciting times.

For those of you who missed out, we have managed to create some more places.

The second round of applications is now open.

They close on March 29th.


ELa  Inaugural session to run 1 - 24 May 2018.


The Ecole Libre d’architecture May 2018 invites free thought, dialogue, debate and dissent through exposure to a variety of practices in and around architecture. ELa as an event and as experience swerves around the body of the commodification of education moving beyond the idea of an institution. With pedagogical hierarchies eschewed, students and teachers become researchers, gathering participation from as diverse a base as possible, relying on Peer to Peer exchange as central to the strength the Ecole’s success and future.

Liberated from the constraints of traditional architectural education and professional dictates the research is enabled by free and critical enquiry of practices and trajectories. It is via the freedom of unscripted learning and of the exploration of conditions of life that the existential necessity of research is realised, pointing to the possibility of transformative experience.

Through workshops and exposure to the city - from within and outside architecture ELa aims to offer a critical understanding of the world. Employing the human, built and natural resources of Paris - as facilitators of discourse and collaborations.

The culmination of ELa involves a shift from Paris to Venice for a free Assembly at the vernissage of the Biennale of architecture.

ELa is free - not for profit, no fees, no tuition, no salaries, no assessment with no qualifications offered and It is much more, an open forum for free thought, for shared ideas, true learning and discovery.

Inaugural session to run 1 - 24 May 2018

ELa was conceived following the experiences of FSA - The Free School of Architecture, founded in Los Angeles by architect and educator Peter Zellner, at its inaugural six-week programme in June and July 2017.

ELa the Ecole Libre d’architecture is run by and exists through state of grace (the research arm of robert grace architecture) in partnership with Columbia Global Centers Paris, supported by the ELa advisors.

It is envisaged that the cohort of researchers in this the first Ecole Libre d’architecture will become the generators of further researches in its future iterations allowing for diverse and independent architectural voices to flower.

(Click the link open the pdf in Adobe in the following link complete the form & send /envoyer)

APPLY here


ELa Ecole Libre d’architecture

state of grace

announces the launch of 


ELa               Ecole Libre d'architecture

Paris & Venise


1 May   -    24 May  2018

3 weeks in Paris culminating in an assembly in Venise

a free school open to all

stay tuned for application and admission details

state of grace alumni appointed as Chief Curator & collaborator of Lisbon Triennale 2019

Congratulations to Eric Lapierre (rencontre 07) who has been appointed Chief Curator and to Sebastien Marot (rencontre 03) for his appointment  the curatorial team for 2019 Lisbon triennale.



Robert Grace appointed as Faculty for Free School of Architecture's inaugural session

robert grace will be teaching with Linus Gruszewski

 at the inaugural session of the FSA

June 20, 21 & 22




JUNE 23    7pm - 9pm

Robert Grace and Linus Gruszewski will be moderating the free event & free first beer

state of grace    rencontre 09  Halftime with Peter Zellner -  founder of FSA   

@ indie brewing company  

2350 Sunrise St, Los Angeles, CA 90023

see link


rsvp     etat@stateofgrace.fr


hakim benchekroun (Mr State of) presents his photos from his upcoming book

le dimanche 11 juin 2017

 Photo Hakim Benchekroun : "Escalier Céleste"

Photo Hakim Benchekroun : "Escalier Céleste"

"Le Maroc autrement"

Journée littéraire à La Vallée Village

3 Cours de la Garonne, 77700 Serris


En partenariat avec La Vallée Village, et comme prolongation au Salon du livre 2017 où le Maroc était à l’honneur, Columbia Global Centers | Paris propose une journée dédiée à la littérature marocaine.  Quatre auteurs animeront deux conversations, l’une sur les nouvelles plumes féminines et l’autre sur l’écriture et la diaspora marocaines.  Cette journée sera agrémentée par l’exposition de Hakim Benchekroun, « Lost in Morocco », une exploration photographique autour des lieux oubliés du royaume chérifien. 

Places limitées, réservation obligatoire : paris.cgc@columbia.edu

Le transport vers La Vallée Village sera assuré :
départ de Columbia Global Centers | Paris (4 rue de Chevreuse, 75006) à 9h30
départ de La Vallée Village vers Paris à 18h

Rencontre 02, Alumnus Kevin O'Brien launches the opening weekend of the Free School of Architecture in Los Angeles

Free School of Architecture has invited Kevin O'Brien to talk with his friend and colleague James Russell at the first public lectures as part of the programme for the new Free School of architecture in LA. 

follow the link  -    Free School of Architecture

Saturday JUNE  3

FSA  Lecture: Kevin O'Brien & James Russell, Architects, QLD AU.

 at 3 PM - 5 PM PDT

The Container Yard

800 E 4th St, Los Angeles, California 90013